Your Additional Benefits

Lyra Work and Life Services

In addition to offering services to support your emotional well-being, Lyra offers Legal, Financial, Identity Theft, and Dependent Care services to assist you and your family during challenging times.

Lyra Mental Health

Visit the Lyra Mental Health page to learn how Lyra provides care for your emotional and mental health how, when, and where you need it, at no cost to you. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, short-term support from Lyra’s top coaches and therapists can get you back on your feet.

Learn more on the Lyra Mental Health page.

Lyra work and life services and available support include:

Legal Consultations Direct Link

  • 30-minute free consultation with an attorney or mediator and a 25% discount on ongoing services
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Easy-to-use legal forms, documentation preparation and online legal library

Child, Elder, Pet Care Referrals Direct Link

  • Child, elder and pet care consultations, resources, and referrals
  • 24/7 access to services online or by phone
  • Online library of educational resources

Identity Theft Solutions Direct Link

  • 60 min free consultation with a Fraud Resolution Specialist
  • Assists members with restoring their identity and good credit
  • Free ID theft emergency response kit

Financial Consultations Direct Link

  • 30-minute free consultation with experienced financial counselor
  • 30-minute free consultation on income tax planning, and a 25% discount on the CPA’s normal fee for document preparation
  • Online financial library

Get Started with Lyra

  • Get started online at or via phone at (844) 901-3718.
  • You and your eligible dependents do not need to be enrolled in a Crown Castle medical plan to use Lyra.