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Lyra Mental Health

No matter what you’re going through, Lyra can help. Lyra provides care for your emotional and mental health how, when, and where you need it, at no cost to you. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, short-term support from Lyra’s top coaches and therapists can get you back on your feet.

At no cost to you, Lyra can help you and your family find fast and effective care matched to you.

Mental Health Coaching Direct Link

  • Lyra’s mental health coaching may be a good fit if you have a focused area where you want to grow and are ready to take action toward specific goals. Mental health coaching can be conducted over video or phone. In these sessions carried out over about six weeks, you will:
    • Focus on a particular challenge or goal such as stress management or interpersonal skills
    • Learn and practice new skills each week
    • Communicate with your mental health coach between sessions

Short-Term Therapy Direct Link

  • Short-term therapy is likely right for you if your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are negatively impacting your life. With a better understanding of yourself, you can address these challenges and find stability.
  • Therapy can be conducted over video or at in-person sessions. While time in therapy varies in length, most care-seekers will be able to:
    • Identify and understand key issues and change behaviors, thoughts and emotions.
    • Receive guidance from clinicians who practice evidence-based care.

Self-Care Apps Direct Link

These digital lessons and exercised via desktop or mobile app are a great option if you are self-motivated and want to tap support anytime, anywhere – even on the go.

Lyra Mental Health Benefits

  • Find personalized recommendations for top therapists and coaches just for you.
  • Meet with a therapist via video or in-person, meet with a coach via video, or tap into self-care apps on the go.
  • Schedule appointments online at or via phone at (844) 903-3658.
  • Get up to 16 sessions at no cost for you and your eligible dependents. Additional sessions with your Lyra coach/therapist may continue past your 16 no-cost sessions through Lyra Health Plan Integration. If you and/or your dependents are enrolled in the Crown Castle Health Plan, you may continue your sessions past the 16-session limit, subject to your medical plan deductible/coinsurance. Lyra will provide more details as you near the end of your 16 no-cost annual sessions.
  • Through the Lyra Medication Management Program, you and your eligible dependents have access to high quality Lyra providers who can prescribe, manage and monitor medication management needs in coordination with the member’s PCP (these services are subject to health plan deductible/coinsurance and separate from EAP sessions).
  • You and your eligible dependents do not need to be enrolled in a Crown Castle medical plan to use the 16 no cost sessions.

Lyra Work & Life Services

In addition to offering services to support your emotional well-being, Lyra offers Legal, Financial, Identity Theft, and Dependent care services to assist you and your family during challenging times.

Visit the Lyra Work & Life Services page to learn more.