Your Health

Medical and Rx

The HSA Base, HSA Plus and Traditional Plans are administered by Aetna for medical care coverage. Prescription medication coverage is administered by Express Scripts.

All three plans provide: Direct Link

  • Access to the same providers through Aetna’s Open Access Aetna Select Network
  • Free preventive care when you use in-network providers
  • Coverage of the same medical care services
  • Prescription medication coverage through Express-Scripts
  • Financial protection, no matter which plan you choose: all your eligible medical and prescription medication expenses accumulate toward your out-of-pocket maximum, which is the most you could pay in a plan year

Know Before You Go

Out-of-network coverage is not covered under our plans. Please ensure you are remaining in-network when seeking care, or you will be responsible for 100% of the cost.

Consider the power of the HSA: Direct Link

HSA-qualified health plans are a better option for most and we want to help you understand why. When you enroll in the HSA Base or HSA Plus plans, you automatically receive a Health Savings Account with a contribution from Crown Castle. Visit the HSA page to learn more about the power of an HSA.

When choosing a plan: Direct Link

It’s important to consider healthcare spend on an annual basis compared to a monthly or per occurrence basis. Watch this video to learn more about what each of our medical plans covers, how the plans work, and how to consider your annual spend when choosing a plan.