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2024 Medical Plans at a Glance

Medical Coverage*HSA Base PlanHSA Plus PlanTraditional Plan
*Table represents in-network coverage only; there is no out-of-network coverage.
**The Crown Castle HSA contribution is prorated for new hires and qualified life events after January 1st.
***Through Included Health Virtual Care
****Max is 2x retail amount
Your Premium Cost (Per Paycheck / Annual)
Employee Only$26 / $676$44 / $1,144$81 / $2,106
Employee + Spouse / Domestic Partner$98 / $2,548$147 / $3,822$242 / $6,292
Employee + Child(ren)$63 / $1,638$106 / $2,756$193 / $5,018
Employee + Family$153 / $3,978$230 / $5,980$377 / $9,802
Crown Castle Annual HSA Contribution**
Employee Only$1,000$750None
Employee + Dependents$2,000$1,500None
Annual Deductible
Employee Only$3,000$1,600$750
Employee + Dependents$6,000$3,200$1,500
Medical CareAfter you meet the deductible, you pay:After you meet the deductible, you pay:You pay:
Telemedicine***0%; deductible does not apply0%; deductible does not apply$0 copay
Primary Care Physician0%10%$30
Urgent Care0%10%$50
Other Services0%10%10% after you meet your deductible
Prescription Medications

View Preventive Drug List for HSA Base Plan and HSA Plus Plan members

You pay: 0%You pay: 0%See copays below
After you meet your deductible, you pay:After you meet your deductible, you pay:You pay:
Generic0%10% (up to a max of $25)$10
Preferred Brand0%20% (up to a max of $75)$30
Non-Preferred Brand0%30% (up to a max of $150)$50
Mail Order0%Same as retail****2x retail amount above
Out-of-Pocket Max
Employee Only$3,000$3,000$3,000
Employee + Dependents$6,000$6,000$6,000

Tobacco/Nicotine Surcharge

The Tobacco/Nicotine Surcharge is mandatory. Crown Castle employees who use tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes, will be charged a $100 Tobacco/Nicotine Surcharge each pay period. This surcharge serves two purposes: (1) to incent employees who smoke to quit smoking and be healthier, and (2) to offset the estimated $3,400 in additional medical costs to cover a smoker as compared to a non-smoker.

If you enroll and participate in the Aetna cessation program, we’ll waive the surcharge after completing 5 sessions. This program comes with free cessation drugs to help you quit.