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Puerto Rico Medical

The goal of our medical plan is to provide competitive, quality benefits for teammates and covered dependents in the most cost-effective manner. The teammate contributions for health insurance cover only a small part of the full cost. The remainder of the cost is paid by Crown Castle.


Puerto Rico Medical Plan Direct Link

Hospital$100 copay
Ambulatory Surgery$100 copay
Physician Visits
Generalist$10 copay
Specialist$15 copay
Sub-Specialist$18 copay
Chiropractor (1st visit)$15 copay
Chiropractor$15 copay
Physical Therapy$7 copay
Respiratory Therapy$7 copay
Emergency Room
Accident$25 copay
Sickness$60 copay
Urgent Care$40 copay
Diagnostic Lab25%
MCS Alivia$15 copay
Pharmacy - PPO Network
Penalty Plus Bioequilivent copay - Penalty = the difference between the deductible and the cost of the drug
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs$1 copay
Brand$20 copay
Bioequivalent$10 copay
Specialty Drug30% Max $200
Mail Order Bioequivalent$20 copay
Mail Order Brand$40 copay

2024 Cost per Paycheck Direct Link

Coverage Level Puerto Rico Medical Plan
Employee Only $50
Employee + Spouse $100
Family $115